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LotusScript Testing Framework

VoltScript Testing Framework is a framework for testing code written using VoltScript, the evolution of LotusScript delivered as part of HCL Volt MX Go. This framework has been adapted for LotusScript.

There are deliberately no dependencies on any LotusScript Extensions (LSX, e.g nlsxbe.dll). None should be added, it will make it dependent on a particular implementation.

Using in an NSF

Copy the contents of the VoltScriptTesting.bss into a Script Library. Write an agent with Use VoltScriptTesting.

The documentation is organised according to the Diátaxis framework into distinct areas:

  • Tutorials contains practical tutorials into how to use VoltScroipt JSON Converter.
  • How-To Guides covers how to achieve certain outcomes.
  • Topic Guides help give an understanding of key concepts in VoltScript JSON Converter.
  • References contain API documentation and test reports.